Take Your Operation To The Next Level

WADE INCORPORATED is ready to help you take your farm to the next level. We have over 100 years of experience in the agricultural industry that helps us make the most out of new and emerging technology. The latest technology from John Deere, combined with our generations of experience allow us to offer you the best in both equipment as well as guidance and insight. That's where our new Intellifarm Division comes in. By combining the most trusted name in equipment with the best training in the latest technology, Wade Incorporated is ready to help you tackle even the toughest challenges. 

Meet The Team

John Marshall
IntelliFarm Director
Robert Loper, CCA
Head Agronomist
Dusty Dawson
Technology Specialist
Cade Moody
Technology Specialist
Patrick Johnson
Technology Specialist
Brett Shrader
Natalie Allen
IntelliFarm Admin